Volunteering at
Ride Round Rhody 2018

Ride ‘Round Rhody 2018 seeks to raise more than $150,000 to support local cancer treatment. The bike-a-thon takes place on July 29, beginning and ending at The Farmer's Daughter in Kingston, RI. A few volunteers may be needed on days leading up to RRR, at the start/finish site, and other locations along the routes.

Volunteer support is essential to Ride ‘Round Rhody. You have the opportunity to create a meaningful, successful event for your community. The riders in the event will appreciate your effort, donors will appreciate your generosity of time and energy, and most importantly, your family, friends and neighbors who are battling cancer will have a better shot at returning to health, because you volunteered for Ride ‘Round Rhody.

You are welcome to register individually or as part of a group. We recommend people volunteer with a group, when possible, as this enhances your experience and helps build a more festive atmosphere. People have volunteered with co-workers, teammates, family members, and friends. If you're volunteering with a group and would like public recognition (such as cross-promotion for a volunteer group from a company), we're happy to work with you on that!


Volunteer Registration

Individual Volunteers

Registering as an individual gives you the opportunity to select the times during which you'd like to volunteer and request a few areas in which you'd like to help.

All volunteers have a meaningful role in creating the event, and people registering in this category help ensure that each role has the appropriate level of support.

Small Groups (2-4ppl)

*Please contact steve@teamksa.com or matt@lifecycleinc.org if you would like to register a small group* 

Registering with a small group of family, friends or co-workers is a great way to enhance your experience and create some memories. You'll collectively select a time during which you'll volunteer and can request a few different options for the role you'll play in the RRRide.

Large Groups (5+ppl)

*Please contact steve@teamksa.com or matt@lifecycleinc.org if you would like to register a large group* 

A single person can register a group of five or more people and serve as the point person for a team of volunteers. Registering as a large group allows companies, teams, and other organizations/groups the opportunity to fully take on a role/area and "make it their own." Rest stops are the perfect place to volunteer in groups of 5+, to ensure everyone stays together!

After registering, you will be contacted to discuss your company/group and the role you'd like to have in the event.