Ride Round Rhody Testimonials

RRR2014 - Karen Antons - waving.jpg

“I RRRide for myself and all cancer patients, survivors and those we lost.  Ride Round Rhody's whole experience, from training, to fundraising to the RRRide, as well as being a Director helping to focus the organization's efforts to be the most meaningful and impactful possible, serves as a reminder to me of the power of being positive, of not giving up, of not letting a daunting diagnosis define or consume you. LIFEcycle and RRR are helping to stack the deck in favor of the positive outcome and cure.”

- KAREN ANTONS  RRRider, Board Member

RRR 2013 - Michael Oelbaum.jpg

“Ride 'Round Rhody is a wonderful fundraiser for local cancer treatment. I volunteer for this fundraiser because the money stays here, in RI. The co-founders, Jacob and Dani Brier, try to meet every rider and volunteer, because it really is a community effort. My wife and I bring our daughter with us. And now whenever we take out her tricycle, she always asks when RRR is and she tells us to donate so that we can help sick people. I think everybody should ride or volunteer is because it is a wonderful event that the entire family can get involved in.”

- MICHAEL OELBAUM  Volunteer, Board Member

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"We ride because we know that raising funds for clinical trials is critical to advancing cancer treatment. An added bonus, the RRR event is a picturesque ride and a fun day!"


RRR 2014 - Howard Safran.jpg

“LIFEcycle has made it possible for the Brown University Oncology Research Group to perform the clinical research that has changed how pancreatic and esophageal cancer patients are treated throughout the world. Our new melanoma study may also have a national impact and provide the best treatment anywhere in the country. It’s great to ride with members of the community, knowing that the funds stay right here helping our community be the leaders in cancer research.”

- HOWARD SAFRAN MD  RRRider, Oncologist


“It is wonderful to be involved in a local organization where you know the efforts and money raised will go back into the community.  The Ride Round Rhody bike-a-thon is a great event building camaraderie among the riders and volunteers, all while raising money for local cancer treatment.”



“I’ve participated in RRR since 2012, riding and fundraising. It’s a fun, well-organized event, and an opportunity for me to express my gratitude to the doctors, nurses, and staff at our local cancer centers.”


“At 16 years old I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. I am now privileged to work alongside many of the Drs and Nurses who helped to save my life at Hasbro Children's Hospital. An orthopedic resident friend told me about the ride and though I had never ridden in a road cycling event, I was up for the challenge. While riding along the roads of South Kingstown where I grew up I couldn't stop smiling. I felt like I could ride forever and was proud to know I was helping to make a difference for others who I hope can someday join me in the 'team' of cancer survivors.”


"My sister, brothers and I ride to honor the memory of our mother in a way that we believe would make her proud and happy - to bring us closer together as a family and to help bring a positive change for the future."