Ride 'Round Rhody 2016 Gear

Deadline: May  5
Following the deadline, jerseys and other gear will be available again after the event.

Ride 'Round Rhody 2016 jerseys and matching gear can be purchased through the team store feature on Primal Custom Pro. The team store allows you to login and place an order for the event apparel you would like to receive and pay for your order individually. Cycling jerseys are not included with registration and only a very limited supply may be available for purchase at the event. To have a jersey (or other gear) at RRR, be sure to place your order before May 5, and it will be delivered to you. 

All items are sold at cost, with no mark-up, so you can show you pRRRide during the ride!

To login and place an order, please follow the link below to create an account.

Create an account at Primal Custom Pro

If you already have an account with Primal Custom Pro, no need to create another. Follow this link to login.
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Please note that all custom team store products are PREORDERS. All orders will be put into production once the store closes and will be delivered approximately 10-12 weeks after. You must place your order before the store closes. Your team store will close on: May 5. If you have any questions please Contact Us or Primal customer service at 800-275-6953.