Seven Years of Support

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Since the first RRRide, in 2009, engaged members of the community like yourself have generated more than $350,000 to support local cancer treatment. This money has been put to use right here in Rhode Island, and the impact made by those grants has been tremendously meaningful nationwide.

One of the primary uses of recent RRR finds has been to support a Genomic Testing Program at Lifespan's Comprehensive Cancer Centers. This program is the next generation of treatment for advanced cancers that have proven difficult to treat. Tests are done on individual patients to identify the mutation that is causing their cancer. Once identified, the mutations are then matched with targeted therapies. When these matches are found, treatment is far more effective and has less side effects than standard treatment.

With LIFEcycle’s support, the program enrolled 200 patients, 84% of which were tested, with 94% having genetic mutations identified as the cause of their cancer. Of those, 10% received individualized, targeted cancer treatment.

The primary reason many patients did not receive a targeted treatment was the lack of a locally available clinical trial for that type of cancer. Ride ‘Round Rhody supports local clinical trials. With your help, more patients who enroll in groundbreaking programs like this genomic cancer care program will be able to receive targeted treatments that can save their life.

Click here to see a summary of the programs that have received support from your efforts and contributions.