RRR 2016 Announcement


We have been hard at work getting things together for our eighth annual bike-a-thon. Some details are listed below, so you can be prepared and ready to rrregister the day it opens, on March 7, 2016.

But the ride is about more than the details… it’s about more than just the ride. It’s about the the elements of the ride: riders, volunteers and donors.

Ride ‘Round Rhody is about a community coming together to lift itself up by supporting programs that treat cancer locally and advance treatment globally. It’s about a mother riding to support her son, a professor pedaling in honor of his neighbor, siblings cycling in memory of their father, and it’s about a group of friends riding to strengthen their bond. Ride ‘Round Rhody is about the volunteer who wakes up before dawn so she can help set up the registration tent, and the nurse who takes an extra shift to provide first aid along the route.

The participants put in tremendous energy creating the magical experience that is RRR. The power comes from sharing that magic with the community and inspiring donors to act. In our history, that inspiration has translated to $350,000 raised to advance local cancer treatment.

Whether you ride, volunteer or donate, your action is powerful. Join us and help cycle out cancer.

  • Date: July 17, 2016
  • Location: Farmer's Daughter
  • Registration fee: $25 or $200 (depending on fundraising preference)
  • For full details click here